Tax Preparation Checklist

Things really start to hot up around tax time and you might have a lot to think about when it comes to claiming for the best possible tax returns. With so many things to organise, it makes sense to create a comprehensive Tax Preparation Checklist to ensure you get a speedy and accurate tax returns that takes full advantage of all the benefits you can claim.


  • Better Results

At Gilberts Accounting it makes our job much more efficient and effective when you provide us with a well ordered and comprehensive checklist. It enables us to see exactly where we can get the best results, which means quicker returns and more money for you. 


The following is a guide for a checklist of things you can bring with you:

  • Originals and copies of all payment summaries or group certificates
  • Receipts for work related expenses
  • Your partners assessable taxable income if applicable
  • Statements for any Centrelink payments you may have received
  • Bank statements and bank interest earned if any
  • Real Estate agent statements in the case of rental income
  • Any statements for managed funds and trusts
  • Dividend statements for any shares you might derive income from
  • Purchase and sales details for any shares sold
  • Receipts for any investment property expenses you may have
  • Any interest on money borrowed for an investment property
  • All records of purchase and sale of any investment properties if sold
  • Information on any child support payments
  • Receipts of any medical expenses that exceed $2100 including medical, dental and optical
  • A copy of last year’s tax returns from the ATO
  • All your bank account details so any refunds can be paid directly in to that account


  • Tax Returns

Not everything on this list will be relevant to you but it will give you a great head start with organising all the documents and receipts needed so we can get you the best return in the shortest amount of time. Filing tax returns can be confusing and it’s easy to miss out on legitimate claims available to you resulting in extra money you needn’t have paid.

At Gilberts we’ll help you with all your tax returns needs to save you any worries come tax time and make it possible for you to enjoy a little more cash in your pocket.